Total revenues (MM)$10,926.0$10,240.0$11,021.0$11,727.0$12,710.0$8,246.0
Total revenue growth5.2%-5.4%-5.4%-5.1%68.0%11.4%
Retail store sales (MM)$4,715.0$4,962.0$5,603.0$6,004.0$6,528.0$4,614.0
Retail store sales growth-8.7%-11.4%-6.7%-8.0%41.5%3.5%
North America Business Solutions sales (MM)$5,247.0$5,108.0$5,400.0$5,708.0$6,013.0$3,580.0
North America Business Solutions sales growth0.8%-5.4%-5.4%-5.1%68.0%11.4%
International sales (MM)$964.0$170.0$18.0$15.0$169.0$52.0
International sales growth6,785.7%844.4%20.0%-91.1%225.0%616.4%

Notes:includes the results of OfficeMax since the merger in Nov 2013;

Retail stores only includes sales through company-operated stores in the US;

North America Business Solutions includes sales to customers in Canada and the United States through a dedicated sales force, catalogs, telesales, ecommerce and limited store locations in Canada;

International includes sales in 55 countries through direct mail catalogs, contract sales forces, internet sites and retail stores