As of Sep 29, 2018, Office Depot operated 1,372 stores in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

In North America, the company closed 168 stores in 2014, 181 stores in 2015, 123 stores in 2016, and expect to close 20 net stores in fiscal 2018. Additionally, the company completed the sale of its European business on Jan 2, 2017. During the first half of fiscal 2018, the company closed 4 stores.

The company owns a small number of its retail stores, but most are leased or subleased. The average store is approximately 22,000 square feet, but in recent years new, relocated and remodeled stores have been targeted to be approximately 15,000 to 20,000 square feet, depending on the needs in the local market.

Store growth-2.3%-4.4%-7.9%-10.4%-8.7%71.9%
Total gross square feet (M)30,70031,00032,40035,40039,61543,643
Total gross square feet growth-2.8%-4.3%-8.5%-10.6%-9.2%71.0%
Avg store gross sq ft22,40022,50022,50022,60022,70022,800
Avg store gross sq ft growth-0.6%0.1%-0.7%-0.3%-0.5%-0.5%

Notes:Only includes company-operated stores in the US; reflects the addition of 829 stores from the OfficeMax merger in Nov 2013