Total revenues (MM)$1,872.6$1,790.5$1,875.6$1,817.1$1,556.6$1,414.4
Total revenue growth4.1%-4.5%3.2%16.7%10.1%2.7%
Retail store sales (MM)$369.9$372.4$379.6$384.3$326.7$246.0
Retail store sales growth-2.1%-1.9%-1.2%17.6%32.8%30.1%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$319.1$294.3$265.1$233.1$169.5$130.6
Ecommerce sales growth12.3%11.0%13.7%37.5%29.8%22.6%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue17.0%16.4%14.1%12.8%10.9%9.2%
Wholesale sales (MM)$1,183.6$1,123.8$1,230.9$1,199.7$1,060.4$1,037.8
Wholesale sales growth4.1%-8.7%2.6%13.1%2.2%-4.1%

Notes:The company changed its fiscal year end from Dec 31 to Mar 31. Fiscal years 2014 and prior represent the twelve months ended on Dec 31, while fiscal 2015 represents the 12 months ended on Mar 31, resulting in a transitory quarter being omitted from annual results.