As of Mar 31, 2017, the company operated 724 stores in 40 states.

In fiscal 2016, the company opened 16 new stores and closed 34 stores. During the first nine months of fiscal 2017, the company opened 13 stores and closed 40 stores. For fiscal 2017, the company expects to open 20 to 25 stores and to close 30 to 35 stores.

All stores are leased under non-cancelable operating leases with average initial terms of approximately 5 years that include optional renewal periods, and located in secondary locations of major suburban markets, such as strip malls, near middle and upper-income customers. The remaining terms of the majority of store leases range from 1 month to 5 years.

Stores generally range from 5,000 to 30,900 square feet, and average approximately 11,000 square feet.

Store growth-3.2%-2.3%-5.1%-2.2%-2.8%-1.0%
Total gross square feet (M)8,3048,3268,3418,5938,6418,652
Total gross square feet growth-0.2%-0.2%-2.9%-0.6%-0.1%2.5%
Avg store gross sq ft11,50011,10010,80010,60010,40010,200
Avg store gross sq ft growth3.1%2.2%2.2%1.7%2.8%3.5%