As of Oct 27, 2017, the company operated 391 stores, with 284 in California, 48 in Texas, 38 in Arizona, and 21 in Nevada.

During fiscal 2017, the company opened 5 new stores and closed 6 stores. The company expects to open an additional 8 new stores in fiscal 2017.

As of year-end, the company owned 66 stores and leased 324 stores, and owned 4 parcels of land for potential stores sites. A large majority of leases were entered into with multiple renewal periods, which are typically 5 to 10 years and occasionally longer.

Stores are typically clustered in and around densely populated areas, and average approximately 16,000 selling square feet and 20,600 gross square feet, while new target store size is 15,000 to 20,000 gross square feet.

Store growth-0.8%-0.5%-0.5%11.7%8.5%6.0%
Total gross square feet (M)8,0408,0438,0437,8907,1406,630
Total gross square feet growth0.1%0.1%0.1%10.5%7.7%5.4%
Avg store gross sq ft20,60020,60020,60020,60020,80021,000
Avg store gross sq ft growth0.9%0.6%0.6%-1.0%-0.8%-0.6%