Travel products41.0%43.0%44.0%45.0%46.0%
Business cases45.0%43.0%42.0%41.0%40.0%
Accessories & Chemicals14.0%14.0%14.0%14.0%14.0%

Notes:Travel products includes wheeled travel products, the majority of which are classified as “carry-on” styles and packing cases, as well as soft styles without wheels such as satchels, garment bags, boarding totes and cross-body bags;

Business cases includes soft business cases, this category also includes wheeled business cases, backpacks, messenger bags, day bags and totes;

Accessories includes a wide array of lower priced and often daily use items, with wallets and card cases being the most popular items purchased. Additional accessory categories include agendas and planners, passport cases, mobile covers, umbrellas and travel accessories such as electric current adapters, key fobs, packing accessories, toiletry kits and foldable travel totes. Accessories also encompass brand extensions that address the lifestyle aspect of our brand, including belts, outerwear and, most recently, sunglasses and eyewear