The company uses an integrated marketing program which includes television, radio, direct mail and newspaper distribution, in-store and online promotions, and sports and event sponsorships. The company has expanded its use of Spanish language radio, print, and outdoor advertising, as well as sponsorships of over 45 local and regional festivals and events to target the Spanish speaking auto parts consumer. Sponsorships include nationally-televised auto races and over 1,500 grassroots, local and regional motorsports events, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) basketball events during the fall and winter months.

Net advertising spending (MM)$83.7$83.0$79.3$79.0$78.3
Net advertising spending growth0.8%4.7%0.4%0.9%4.7%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues0.9%1.0%1.0%1.1%1.2%