Same-store sales growth-5.0%-3.0%-8.0%-11.0%-1.0%
US same-store sales growth-5.0%0.0%-6.0%-11.0%1.0%
International same-store sales growth-6.0%0.0%-12.0%-11.0%-8.0%
Abercrombie same-store sales-11.0%-6.0%-5.0%N/AN/A
Hollister same-store sales growth0.0%0.0%-10.0%-14.0%-1.0%
Abercombie & Fitch same-store sales growthN/AN/A-4.0%-10.0%-3.0%
abercrombie kids same-store sales growthN/AN/A-7.0%-5.0%0.0%

Notes:Same-store sales, referred to by the company as "comparable sales," includes sales from stores open at least one year (in which its square footage has not been expanded or reduced by more than 20%), as well as ecommerce sales beginning in 2012; Abercrombie same-store sales includes sales from Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids