Total revenues (MM)$19,095.0$19,095.0$18,686.0$19,204.0$19,023.0$19,031.0
Total revenue growth2.2%2.2%-2.7%1.0%-0.0%-1.3%
Retail store sales (MM)$15,524.9$15,524.9$15,816.0$16,682.0$16,899.0$17,301.0
Retail store sales growth-1.2%-1.2%-5.2%-1.3%-2.3%-3.0%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$3,570.1$3,570.1$2,870.0$2,522.0$2,124.0$1,730.0
Ecommerce sales growth20.3%20.3%13.8%18.7%22.8%19.8%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue18.7%18.7%15.4%13.1%11.2%9.1%

Notes:Ecommerce includes sales originated online and shipped from ecommerce fulfillment centers, shipped our stores, picked up in stores, or shipped directly from third-party vendors to customers, and includes shipping and handling revenues;

Approximately 15% of annual sales occur during back-to-school season (August through September) and approximately 30% of sales occur during holiday season (November and December)