As of Jul 31, 2018, the company operated 155 Wilsons Leather stores, 128 G.H. Bass stores, 91 Vilebrequin stores, 4 Calvin Klein Performance stores, 51 DKNY stores and 9 Karl Lagerfeld stores, in addition to 66 franchised Vilebrequin stores.

In fiscal 2018, the company closed 25 net Wilsons stores and 14 net Bass stores, and added 3 net new Vilebrequin stores and 5 Karl Lagerfeld stores. The company closed 19 net stores during the first half of fiscal 2019.

All stores are leased, typically for terms of 5 to 10 years. Substantially all Wilsons, G.H. Bass and Andrew Marc stores are operated as outlet stores and located in larger outlet centers with Wilsons’ stores averaging approximately 3,605 square feet and G.H. Bass stores averaging approximately 5,887 square feet. DKNY stores average approximately 3,686 square feet.

Store growth-6.2%-8.2%11.4%5.9%-0.7%129.7%
Total gross square feet (M)1,6121,7121,9391,7851,7561,704
Total gross square feet growth-9.9%-11.7%8.6%1.7%-0.6%193.2%
Avg store gross sq ft3,7003,7003,9004,0004,2004,800
Avg store gross sq ft growth-4.0%-3.8%-2.5%-4.0%0.1%27.6%

Notes:Includes Wilsons Leather, Andrew Marc, Calvin Klein Performance, Vilebrequin since the acquisition in Aug 2012, as well as G.H. Bass since the acquisition in Nov 2013.