As of Jul 29, 2017, Signet operated 3,637 total locations worldwide, including: 2,967 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico in the US, comprised of 1,217 Kay Jewelers stores, 275 Jared the Galleria of Jewelry stores, 726 Zales Jewelers stores, 32 Gordon's Jewelers stores, 102 regional brand stores under various banners and 615 Piercing Pagoda kiosk locations; 137 Peoples Jewellers and 24 Mappins Jewellers stores in Canada; and 305 H. Samuel stores and 204 Ernest Jones stores in the UK.

During fiscal 2016, the company opened 162 stores and closed 105 stores. In the first half of fiscal 2017, the company opened 53 stores and closed 98 stores. The company expects to open 90 to 115 stores and close 165 to 170 stores for a selling square footage decline of 1%.

Substantially all stores are leased. Mall stores generally have initial terms of 5 to 10 years, while Jared stores normally have 20 year leases with options to extend, and kiosk leases generally range from 3 to 5 years.

Kay stores are located in all 50 states, with mall stores typically occupying about 1,600 square feet (1,300 sq ft of selling space) and off-mall stores about 2,200 square feet (1,800 sq ft of selling space). Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry stores have about 4,800 square feet of selling space and approximately 6,000 sq ft of total space, are typically freestanding in retail centers that normally contain strong retail co-tenants, including big box, destination stores, as well as some smaller specialty units. Signet also operates mall stores under a variety of established regional nameplates in 31 states, which average approximately 1,200 selling sq ft, such as JB Robinson Jewelers, Marks & Morgan Jewelers and Belden Jewelers, and all are located in malls where there is also a Kay store. H.Samuel stores have typical store selling space of 1,100 square feet, and Ernest Jones typical store selling space is 1,000 square feet.

Zales operates primarily mall stores occupying approximately 1,700 square feet (1,300 square feet of selling space) and off-mall stores occupying approximately 2,400 square feet (1,700 square feet of selling space), as well as regional brand stores under the Gordon's and Mappins names, occupying approximately 1,100 selling square feet. Piercing Pagoda kiosks are located in malls throughout the US and Canada, and are approximately 190 square feet.

Store growth0.2%1.5%1.5%51.4%0.5%5.5%
Total gross square feet (M)6,1926,2716,0895,8274,0203,880
Total gross square feet growth1.3%3.0%4.5%45.0%3.6%8.2%
Avg store gross sq ft2,0002,0002,0002,0002,0002,000
Avg store gross sq ft growth1.1%1.4%2.9%-4.3%3.1%2.6%

Notes:Reflects acquisition of Zale Jewelers May 29, 2014; only includes retail stores, and excludes kiosks