Kay Jewelers stores1,247.01,192.01,129.01,094.01,055.0
Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry stores274275270253203
US Regional Brand stores65.0121.0141.0157.0213.0
Ultra stores00000
Zales Jewelers stores711751730716N/A
Gordon's Jewelers stores10425569N/A
Peoples Jewellers stores129143145144N/A
Mappins stores18343843N/A
Piercing Pagoda kiosks598616605605N/A
H.Samuel stores301.0304.0301.0302.0304.0
Ernest Jones stores203.0204.0202.0196.0189.0

Notes:Reflects acquisition of Zale Jewelers May 29, 2014; Regional Brands includes JB Robinson Jewelers, Marks & Morgan Jewelers and Belden Jewelers; Ultra acquired October 2012, all locations converted or closed;
Apologies for decimal place on some figures.