As of Oct 8, 2016, the company operated 5,058 stores, 127 Worldpac branches, and served approximately 1,250 independently owned Carquest branded stores in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada.

In fiscal 2015, the company opened 121 new stores and closed or consolidated 200 stores. During the first nine months of fiscal 2016, the company opened 53 new stores, closed 19 and consolidated 142 stores, and converted 107 Carquest stores to Advanced Auto Parts stores. In fiscal 2016, the company expects to open 65-75 new stores, including Worldpac branches, as well as completing 325 to 350 Carquest store consolidations, conversions, or relocations.

At year-end, the company owned 817 stores and leased 4,476 locations. Initial terms for leases are typically 10 to 15 years, with renewal options at five year intervals.

Advance Auto Parts (AAP) stores are generally located in freestanding buildings in areas with high vehicle traffic counts, good visibility and easy access to major roadways and to commercial customers. The average size of an AAP store is 7,500 square feet with the size of typical new store ranging from approximately 6,000 to 8,500 square feet. Carquest locations are freestanding buildings that average approximately 7,400 square feet. Worldpac branches are generally larger than other store locations and average approximately 30,000 square feet.

Store growth-3.2%-1.5%32.7%6.7%3.6%2.8%
Total gross square feet (M)42,35042,54043,33829,70127,80626,663
Total gross square feet growth-2.5%-1.8%45.9%6.8%4.3%2.7%
Avg store gross sq ft8,2008,0008,1007,3007,3007,300
Avg store gross sq ft growth0.8%-0.4%10.0%0.1%0.7%-0.0%

Notes:Reflects acquisition of General Parts International in Jan 2014, which added 1,233 Carquest stores, 103 Worldpac branches and 1,400 independently-owned Carquest stores