As of Oct 7, 2017, the company operated 147 retail supermarkets in the Midwest under banners including Family Fare Supermarkets, No Frills, Family Fresh Markets, D&W Fresh Markets, Sun Mart and Econo Foods, as well as 31 fuel centers at supermarket locations under the banners Family Fare Quick Stop, D&W Quick Stop, VG’s Quick Stop, Forest Hills Quick Stop, FTC Express Fuel and Sunmart Express Fuel.

In 2016, the company closed 6 stores. During the first nine months of fiscal 2017, the company sold 4 stores and closed 6 others.

As of the year-end, the company owned 30 stores and leased 127 locations, as well as owning 1 additional fuel center. Stores range in size from approximately 14,000 to 89,800 total square feet and average approximately 41,000 square feet, while a prototypical Quick Stop store is approximately 1,100 square feet and is located adjacent to supermarkets.

Store growth-7.5%-3.7%0.6%-5.8%70.3%5.2%
Total gross square feet (M)5,9366,4376,7386,7117,1554,178
Total gross square feet growth-9.2%-4.5%0.4%-6.2%71.2%3.3%
Avg store gross sq ft40,40041,00041,30041,40041,60041,400
Avg store gross sq ft growth-1.8%-0.8%-0.2%-0.4%0.5%-1.8%

Notes:Reflects merger with Nash-Finch in Nov 2013