As of Aug 1, 2018, the company operated 305 stores in 17 states.

In fiscal 2017, the company opened 32 new stores. Year-to-date, the company opened 20 new stores as of Aug 1, 2018. The company intends to open approximately 30 new stores annually over the near term, with approximately 60-65% in existing markets.

All stores are leased, for an initial 10 to 15 year term with four renewal options of 5 years each.

New stores are generally between 28,000 and 30,000 square feet, overall average approximately 28,300 square feet, and are located in a variety of mid-sized and larger shopping centers, lifestyle centers and in certain cases, independent single-unit, stand-alone developments.

Store growth9.9%12.6%16.6%13.6%14.4%12.8%
Total gross square feet (M)8,5478,0557,0705,9775,2534,583
Total gross square feet growth10.8%13.9%18.3%13.8%14.6%12.7%
Avg store gross sq ft28,40028,30027,90027,50027,50027,400
Avg store gross sq ft growth0.8%1.1%1.5%0.1%0.2%-0.1%

Notes:reflects acquisition of 37 Sunflower Farmers Market stores in 2012 and 56 Sprouts Arizona stores in 2011