Hunting equipment48.1%45.5%44.3%48.0%45.3%
General outdoors30.9%31.2%30.3%27.5%29.8%
Clothing & footwear21.0%23.3%25.4%24.5%24.9%

Notes:Hunting equipment (includes a wide variety of firearms, ammunition, optics, archery products, and related accessories and supplies)

General outdoors (includes a full range of equipment and accessories supporting all outdoor activities, including all types of fishing and tackle products, boats and marine equipment, camping gear and equipment, food preparation and outdoor cooking products, all-terrain vehicles and accessories for automobiles and all-terrain vehicles, and gifts and home furnishings)

Clothing & footwear (includes field wear apparel and footwear, sportswear apparel and footwear including technical gear for the active outdoor enthusiast, apparel and footwear for the casual customer, and work wear products)