Total revenues (MM)$17,084.0$17,298.0$17,900.0$18,719.3$19,144.8$19,936.3
Total revenue growth-3.9%-3.4%-6.4%-2.7%-5.2%-1.2%
Retail store sales (MM)$6,522.0$6,658.0$7,169.0$8,055.3$8,870.1$9,651.3
Retail store sales growth-7.4%-7.1%-11.0%-9.2%-8.1%-0.1%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$2,347.1$2,371.0$2,370.0$2,393.3$2,233.0$2,176.6
Ecommerce sales growth-1.0%0.0%-1.0%7.2%2.6%4.6%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue13.7%13.7%13.2%12.8%11.7%10.9%
North America Commercial sales (MM)$8,214.9$8,269.0$8,361.0$8,270.7$8,041.6$8,108.4
North America Commercial sales growth-1.8%-1.1%1.1%2.8%-0.8%1.7%
International sales (MM)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
International sales growthN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Notes:Retail store sales only includes sales from US and Canada stores; Ecommerce sales only includes sales in the US and Canada; North America Commercial consists of the US and Canadian businesses that sell and deliver products and services directly to businesses, including Staples Advantage and; International includes sales from stores, online, catalogs and contract in 23 countries in Europe, Australia, South America and Asia