Advertising includes television, weekly advertisements in newspapers, affiliate marketing, email, social media and online, which includes comparison shopping engines, display advertisement, pay-per-click, referrals, and search engine optimization.

Gross advertising spending (MM)$10.6$12.6$13.9$15.4$16.1
Gross advertising spending growth-15.9%-9.4%-9.7%-4.3%1.3%
Vendor allowances (MM)$6.2$6.6$6.7$7.7$8.3
Vendor allowances growth-6.1%-1.5%-13.0%-7.2%-2.4%
Net advertising spending (MM)$4.4$6.0$7.2$7.7$7.8
Net advertising spending growth-26.7%-16.7%-6.5%-1.3%5.4%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues1.0%1.3%1.5%1.5%1.5%

Notes:The company receives payments and credits from vendors pursuant to cooperative advertising programs and display allowance agreements, which offset advertising expenses.