Ongoing advertising and weekly promotions include preprinted newspaper inserts television, direct mail, e-mail communications, radio, digital advertising, social media, and web promotions. New store grand openings are promoted through a combination of television, radio, direct mail, social media and special newspaper insert offers.

Gross advertising spending (MM)$134.9$161.2$161.2$168.5$161.8
Gross advertising spending growth-16.3%0.0%-4.3%4.1%26.5%
Vendor allowances (MM)$29.9$32.4$37.0$43.1$44.4
Vendor allowances growth-7.7%-12.4%-14.2%-2.9%9.4%
Net advertising spending (MM)$105.0$128.8$124.2$125.4$117.4
Net advertising spending growth-18.5%3.7%-1.0%6.8%34.5%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues5.4%6.0%5.3%5.1%4.7%

Notes:Vendor allowances represent reimbursements for marketing support to promote a vendor’s products