The majority of advertising spending is directed towards print, including direct mail catalogs and postcards. Other advertising, such as the customer loyalty program, website, social media, trucks and outdoor billboards are used to reinforce Hibbett's name recognition and brand awareness. Digital marketing, including mobile, social networks, online and loyalty marketing will become a more significant portion of the advertising budget over the next several years.

Gross advertising spending (MM)$10.4$10.0$9.8$9.0$9.6
Gross advertising spending growth4.0%2.3%8.7%-6.0%14.7%
Vendor allowances (MM)$3.3$2.9$3.5$3.3$4.0
Vendor allowances growth12.5%-14.7%3.6%-16.7%6.8%
Net advertising spending (MM)$7.1$7.0$6.3$5.6$5.6
Net advertising spending growth0.4%11.5%11.7%1.7%21.2%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues0.7%0.7%0.7%0.7%0.7%