As of Jun 29, 2014 the company operated 636 convenience stores under the Stripes and Sac-N-Pac Stores brand names in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, of which 408 included a restaurant, primarily Laredo Taco Company.

In fiscal 2013, the company opened 28, acquired 1 and closed 8 stores. In the first half of fiscal 2014, the company acquired 49 stores from Sac-N-Pac Stores and opened 11 new stores, and expects to open an additional 21 new stores in the second half of the year.

As of year-end, the company owned 258 stores and leased 322 stores, as well as owning 68 sites for future stores and 49 surplus properties. Approximately 97% of stores are freestanding facilities, which average 3,800 square feet. The stores built over the past 5 years averaged approximately 6,000 square feet and are built on large lots with much larger motor fueling and parking facilities.

Store growth12.2%3.8%3.3%2.9%0.2%2.5%
Total gross square feet (M)2,4312,1201,9941,8861,7961,790
Total gross square feet growth19.1%6.3%5.7%5.0%0.3%4.6%
Avg store gross sq ft3,8003,7003,6003,5003,4003,400
Avg store gross sq ft growth6.2%2.5%2.3%2.1%0.1%2.0%