Approximately 60% of the advertising budget is spent on broadcast media, approximately 25% is spent on print media and approximately 15% is spent on online advertising including search engine marketing. The company also utilizes social media and public relations to build awareness and engage with consumers.

Gross advertising spending (MM)$223.0$167.0$114.4$92.4$64.1
Gross advertising spending growth33.5%46.0%23.8%44.1%49.8%
Vendor allowances (MM)$12.4$11.7$9.1$5.2$3.9
Vendor allowances growth6.0%28.6%75.0%33.3%5.4%
Net advertising spending (MM)$210.6$155.3$105.3$87.2$60.2
Net advertising spending growth35.6%47.5%20.8%44.9%54.0%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues8.3%8.6%8.7%8.7%8.6%