Total revenues (MM)$2,934.0$2,799.8$2,711.4$2,620.2$2,496.1$2,368.7
Total revenue growth6.9%3.3%3.5%5.0%5.4%4.9%
Retail store sales (MM)$2,172.8$2,079.8$2,131.4$2,178.8$2,113.7$2,019.6
Retail store sales growth2.4%-2.4%-2.2%3.1%4.4%3.4%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$624.0$579.2$430.5$291.3$238.7$211.4
Ecommerce sales growth31.1%34.5%47.8%22.0%15.2%22.9%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue21.3%20.7%15.9%11.1%9.6%8.9%
Other revenues (MM)$135.6$140.8$149.6$150.1$143.6$137.7
Other revenue growth-7.3%-5.8%-0.4%4.5%4.3%3.9%

Notes:Other revenues consists of sales from operating leased shoe departments in Stein Mart stores, Gordmans and Frugal Fannie’s stores; ecommerce sales are estimated by eMarketer, and as of Q1 2016 are inclusive of sales from newly acquired Ebuys, Inc.