As of Aug 4, 2018, the company operated 44 full-price and 14 outlet stores in 15 states.

During fiscal 2017, the company opened 1 new full price store in Hawaii in May. In the first half of fiscal 2018, the company opened 3 net new retail stores. The company intends on opening at least 3 new stores during fiscal 2018.

All stores are leased, generally with initial terms of 10 years, and either cannot be extended or can be extended for one additional 5-year term, and some have termination options.

At year-end, there were 16 full-price street locations with an average of 1,800 selling square feet and 2,600 gross square feet; 25 stores in malls and lifestyle centers that averaged 1,700 selling square feet and 2,200 gross square feet; and 14 outlet stores which averaged 1,700 selling square feet and 2,300 gross square feet.

Store growth5.5%1.9%12.5%29.7%32.1%27.3%
Total gross square feet (M)1371301281108157
Total gross square feet growth5.1%1.7%15.7%35.7%43.1%46.6%
Avg store gross sq ft2,4002,4002,4002,3002,2002,000
Avg store gross sq ft growth-0.3%-0.1%2.9%4.6%8.3%15.2%