Total revenues (MM)$1,328.8$1,205.5$952.5$539.0$243.1$119.0
Total revenue growth18.0%26.6%76.7%121.7%104.2%201.2%
Retail store sales (MM)$788.0$615.9$478.5$274.1$124.1$53.5
Retail store sales growth40.5%28.7%74.6%120.8%131.8%329.0%
Wholesale sales (MM)$469.3$515.3$402.5$242.0$119.0$65.5
Wholesale sales growth-4.2%28.0%66.4%103.4%81.7%142.1%

Notes:The company launched in 2007 in partnership with Neiman Marcus; merchandise is sold to Neiman Marcus at wholesale, which is subsequently resold by Neiman Marcus, who receives substantially all of the proceeds from these online sales