Total revenues (MM)$2,398.2$2,474.6$2,542.1$2,476.1$2,312.4$2,265.0
Total revenue growth-3.5%-2.7%2.7%7.1%7.1%4.8%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$1,122.9$1,118.5$1,052.4$975.6$855.6$801.8
Ecommerce sales growth3.2%6.3%7.9%14.0%14.0%9.8%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue46.8%45.2%41.4%39.4%37.0%35.4%
Other revenues (MM)$1,275.3$1,356.1$1,489.7$1,500.5$1,456.8$1,463.2
Other revenue growth-8.6%-9.0%-0.7%3.0%3.0%2.3%

Notes:Ecommerce sales includes online, mobile and catalogs; other revenues includes television sales and a limited amount of retail and outlet stores;

Over the last 2 years, mobile sales were $582.7 million in 2016 and $484.1 million in 2015, representing 52.1% and 46.0% of digital sales in each respective year