As of Jun 30, 2018, Ingles Markets operated 201 supermarkets in North Carolina (72), Georgia (69), South Carolina (36), Tennessee (21), Virginia (1) and Alabama (1), primarily in suburban areas, small towns and rural communities; 107 stores included in-store pharmacies and 101 had fuel centers.

The company opened 2 new stores and closed 4 stores in fiscal 2017. The company opened 1 net store in the first nine months of fiscal 2018.

The company owns and operates 73 shopping centers with 6.4 million square feet of leasable space, many of which contain an Ingles supermarket, and overall owns 156 of its supermarkets either as free-standing or in shopping centers where it is the anchor tenant, as well as 18 undeveloped sites which are suitable for a free-standing store or shopping center development. The company has 43 leased stores. The average supermarket has 39,300 square feet of selling space and 56,100 square feet of total space.

Store growth0.0%-1.0%0.0%-0.5%-0.5%0.0%
Total gross square feet (M)11,40011,17311,11711,04911,06311,076
Total gross square feet growth1.8%0.5%0.6%-0.1%-0.1%0.6%
Avg store gross sq ft56,70056,10055,30055,00054,80054,600
Avg store gross sq ft growth1.8%1.5%0.6%0.4%0.4%0.6%