As of Nov 25, 2017, the company operated 566 Finish Line stores in malls across the US 378 Finish Line branded shops in Macy's department stores.

In fiscal 2017, the company opened 7 new stores and closed 43 stores (19 branded shops in Macy's). During the first nine months of fiscal 2018, the company opened 4 shop in Macy's and closed 7 net retail stores. Additionally, the company completed the sale of its JackRabbit division on Feb 24, 2017. In fiscal 2018, the company plans on closing 15 to 20 stores. On Jan 7, 2016, the company announced that it will improve the profitability of its store fleet by closing up to 150 stores, or 25% of its store base, over the next four years.

All stores are leased under non-cancelable operating leases, which generally have lease terms of 10 years, and most do not provide for renewal periods.

Finish Line stores and branded shops are primarily located in enclosed shopping malls and average approximately 5,550 square feet and 1,400 sq ft respectively.

Store growth-2.4%-3.0%-3.0%-3.0%-3.0%-3.0%
Total gross square feet (M)3,1623,1883,1883,1883,1883,188
Total gross square feet growth-1.9%-2.7%-2.7%-2.7%-2.7%-2.7%
Avg store gross sq ft5,6005,6005,6005,6005,6005,600
Avg store gross sq ft growth0.5%0.3%0.3%0.3%0.3%0.3%

Notes:Only includes Finish Line stores; excludes branded shop-in-shops