Advertising includes websites, catalogs email marketing, online advertising and social media. Digital marketing and social media have played an increasingly important role in marketing strategy, as J.Crew customers who engage via social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram) generally spend approximately twice as much as the average J.Crew customer. Facebook is the current leading player in terms of size and time spent on site, but the company sees significant growth opportunities in its new visual platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Catalog costs (MM)$28.8$41.3$48.5$47.4$51.6
Catalog cost growth-30.2%-15.0%2.5%-8.2%15.9%
All other advertising spending (MM)$74.9$63.4$71.1$63.3$51.5
All other advertising spending growth18.1%-10.8%12.4%22.8%31.9%
Net advertising spending (MM)$103.7$104.7$119.6$110.7$103.2
Net advertising spending growth-0.9%-12.5%8.1%7.3%23.4%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues4.4%4.3%4.8%4.3%4.2%