The company uses a variety of broad-based and targeted marketing and advertising strategies, including mass marketing programs such as direct mail, e-mail marketing, targeted magazine advertisements, catalogs/rotos and other inserts in national or local newspapers, national television and radio, targeted door-to-door distribution, direct mailings to loyalty program members and in-store marketing. The biggest single piece of advertising is the 'The Great Big Toys "R" Us Book" promotional catalog release, which is distributed through direct mail, newspapers and in-stores during the fourth quarter holiday selling season. The company also utilizes social and digital media.

Net advertising spending (MM)$330.0$326.0$379.0$433.0$449.0
Net advertising spending growth1.2%-14.0%-12.5%-3.6%-7.0%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues2.9%2.8%3.1%3.5%3.3%