As of Jul 29, 2017, Restoration Hardware operated 85 stores in 32 states, the District of Columbia and Canada, consisting of 50 legacy Galleries, 6 larger format Design Galleries, 8 next generation Design Galleries, 1 RH Modern Gallery and 5 RH Baby & Child Galleries, 15 Waterworks showrooms, as well as 28 outlet stores throughout the US and Canada.

During fiscal 2016, the company opened 6 retail stores and 12 outlet stores, closed 5 retail stores and acquired 15 Waterworks showrooms. Going forward, the company expects to open larger format Design Galleries in select major metropolitan markets as well as closing a number of legacy Galleries to replace them with the next generation Design Gallery format.

Almost all stores are leased, except for a 9,000 square foot Gallery in San Francisco's Design District and a 19,000 square foot Gallery in Toronto, and are located primarily in upscale malls and street locations. The initial lease term of retail stores is generally 10 –15 years, and certain leases contain renewal options for up to 25 years.

The company operates 6 distinct gallery formats: 1) Next generation Design Galleries which average 41,000 selling square feet; 2) Initial larger format Design Galleries which average 19,000 selling square feet; 3) Legacy Galleries which average 8,000 selling square feet; 4) Waterworks Showrooms which average approximately 4,000 leased selling square feet; 5) The RH Modern Gallery, located in Los Angeles and is 13,000 selling square feet; and 6) RH Baby & Child Galleries which average 4,000 selling square feet. Outlet stores are branded as Restoration Hardware Outlet or RH Outlet are located primarily in large outlet-malls, and average approximately 28,500 square feet.

Store growth1.2%23.2%3.0%-4.3%-1.4%-4.1%
Total gross square feet (M)1,2481,2421,011861798768
Total gross square feet growth15.1%22.8%17.4%7.9%3.9%-5.0%
Avg store gross sq ft14,70014,60014,70012,90011,40010,800
Avg store gross sq ft growth13.8%-0.3%14.0%12.7%5.4%-0.9%

Notes:Only includes full-line stores; excludes outlet stores