The company uses a wide variety of omni-channel marketing programs including: print media such as The Book a publication mailed on a targeted basis with a yearly printing of almost 2 million, the Bergdorf Goodman Magazine and specific designer mailers; websites and online advertising through banner ads and paid searches; and social media platforms including blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

Gross advertising spending (MM)$233.1$233.7$220.7$195.8$181.9
Gross advertising spending growth-0.3%5.9%12.7%7.6%14.0%
Vendor allowances (MM)$50.1$54.8$55.0$51.4$55.0
Vendor allowances growth-8.6%-0.4%7.0%-6.5%3.6%
Net advertising spending (MM)$183.0$178.9$165.7$144.4$126.9
Net advertising spending growth2.3%8.0%14.8%13.8%19.2%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues3.9%3.6%3.3%3.0%2.7%