Advertising includes visual displays including in-store signage and external banners, newspaper and radio advertisements, as well as sending email blasts and social networking.

Gross advertising spending (MM)$2.9$3.4$4.2$4.1$4.8
Gross advertising spending growth-14.7%-19.0%2.4%-14.6%-46.1%
Vendor allowances (MM)$2.9$3.4$4.2$4.0$4.8
Vendor allowances growth-14.7%-19.0%5.0%-16.7%-45.5%
Net advertising spending (MM)$0.0$0.0$0.0$0.1$0.0
Net advertising spending growthN/AN/A-100.0%N/A-100.0%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%

Notes:Advertising expenses are offset by allowances from vendors to fund in-store displays, print and radio advertising, and other promotional events