As of Sep 30, 2018, the company operated 389 stores worldwide, including 69 kiosks/store in stores, 121 retail stores and 199 outlet stores, with 169 in the Americas, 155 in Asia-Pacific and 65 in Europe.

During fiscal 2017, the company opened 19 stores and closed 130 stores. In the first nine months of fiscal 2018, the company closed 58 net stores. The company announced at the end of 2016 plans to close approximately 160 retail stores by the end of 2018, thereby reducing the total store count to approximately 400.

All stores are leased, with stores in the Americas averaging approximately 1,500-1,800 square feet, stores in Europe averaging 800-1,200 square feet and stores in Asia averaging 650-1,500 square feet. Going forward, the ideal store sizes are approximately 1,600 square feet for the Americas and Europe, and 800-1,200 square feet in Asia.

Store growth-17.9%-19.9%-0.2%-4.4%-5.5%15.3%
Total gross square feet (M)528611759762799838
Total gross square feet growth-18.5%-19.5%-0.3%-4.6%-4.7%16.3%
Avg store gross sq ft1,4001,4001,4001,4001,4001,400
Avg store gross sq ft growth-0.7%0.4%-0.2%-0.2%0.8%0.9%

Notes:eMarketer is estimating square footage based on reported company figures on store sizes by format and region