As of Mar 31, 2017, the company operated 1,179 convenience stores in 10 states in the US, and 885 retail sites in Canada, including 314 convenience stores, 499 dealers/agents and 72 cardlocks in 6 Canadian provinces under the Corner Store and Depanneur du Coin names.

In fiscal 2016, the company opened 38, acquired 165 and closed or divested 85 convenience stores in the US, and opened 12 and closed or divested 3 convenience stores systemwide in Canada. The company opened 12 net stores in the US in the first quarter of fiscal 2017.

At year-end, 880 of the 1,167 stores in the US and 193 of the 314 stores in Canada were owned.

Stores in the US average approximately 2,900 square feet and stores in Canada average approximately 2,100 square feet. New stores in the US are built with either a 4,650 square foot or 5,650 square foot design, and new stores in Canada are approximately 3,000 square feet.

Store growth-2.1%9.5%2.9%0.5%1.2%2.9%
Total gross square feet (M)3,8223,7593,1572,9472,8142,780
Total gross square feet growth1.3%19.1%7.1%4.7%1.2%3.9%
Avg store gross sq ft2,6002,5002,3002,2002,2002,200
Avg store gross sq ft growth3.5%8.7%4.1%4.3%0.0%0.9%