As of Jan 28, 2017, the company operated 123 full-line stores, 215 Nordstrom Rack stores, 1 Last Chance store, 1 Jeffrey boutique and 7 Trunk Club showrooms.

During fiscal 2016, the company: opened 21 new Rack stores, 3 new full-line stores, 1 Last Chance store, 1 Trunk Club showroom; closed 1 full-line store in San Diego; and relocated 2 Rack stores and 1 full-line store. For fiscal 2017, the company expects to open 3 full-line stores and 16 Rack stores.

Full-line stores range in size from 71,000 to 383,000 square feet and average 177,000 square feet. Rack stores range in size from 27,000 to 64,000 square feet and average 35,500 square feet. The majority of fixed, non-cancelable lease terms are 15 to 30 years for Nordstrom full-line stores and 10 to 15 years for Nordstrom Rack stores, and most have renewal options.

Store growth7.6%7.6%10.9%10.1%8.9%6.8%
Total gross square feet (M)29,79229,79228,58026,89825,99425,256
Total gross square feet growth4.2%4.2%5.7%3.5%2.9%2.2%
Avg store gross sq ft87,60087,60090,40094,700100,800106,600
Avg store gross sq ft growth-3.1%-3.1%-4.7%-6.0%-5.5%-4.3%

Notes:Excludes 1 Last Chance Clearance store, 2 Jeffrey stores, 4 Trunk Club showrooms and 2 full-line Nordstrom stores in Canada