As of Jul 29, 2017, the company operated 1,589 stores, including 1,384 Ross Dress for Less stores in 36 states, the District of Columbia and Guam, and 205 dd’s DISCOUNTS stores in 15 states.

In fiscal 2016, the company opened 71 and closed 5 Ross stores and opened 21 net new dd's DISCOUNTS stores. During the first half of fiscal 2017, the company opened 72 net new Ross stores and 22 net dd's DISCOUNTS stores. Long-term, the company believes there is potential to reach store counts to 2,000 Ross stores and 500 dd's DISCOUNTS stores.

As of year-end, company owned 3 stores, and the remaining stores are leased. The majority of stores had unexpired original lease terms ranging from 3 to 10 years with 3 to 4 renewal options of 5 years each. The average unexpired original lease term of leased stores is 5 years or 21 years if renewal options are included.

Stores are located predominantly in community and neighborhood shopping centers in heavily populated urban and suburban areas. The average approximate Ross store size is 28,400 square feet and the average approximate dd’s DISCOUNTS store size is 23,200 square feet, with approximately 80% of both utilized as selling space.

Store growth6.0%6.0%6.2%6.7%6.4%6.6%
Total gross square feet (M)44,79342,53440,44438,40536,41734,537
Total gross square feet growth5.2%5.2%5.3%5.5%5.4%5.3%
Avg store gross sq ft27,50027,70028,00028,20028,50028,800
Avg store gross sq ft growth-0.8%-0.8%-0.8%-1.2%-0.9%-1.2%