Total revenues (MM)$1,378.3$1,381.5$1,242.7$1,138.6$803.4$544.8
Total revenue growth9.2%11.2%9.1%41.7%47.5%-4.4%
Retail store sales (MM)$723.0$727.6$660.8$618.8$332.7$194.5
Retail store sales growth8.2%10.1%6.8%86.0%71.1%37.6%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$338.3$330.7$254.6$208.6$162.8$97.0
Ecommerce sales growth21.5%29.9%22.1%28.1%67.9%55.0%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue24.5%23.9%20.5%18.3%20.3%17.8%
Wholesale sales (MM)$295.8$300.0$303.8$278.0$247.6$170.4
Wholesale sales growth1.3%-1.3%9.3%12.3%45.3%56.3%
Other revenues (MM)$21.3$23.3$23.4$33.3$60.2$82.8
Other revenue growth-7.7%-0.7%-29.5%-44.8%-27.3%-67.8%

Notes:Retail store sales and ecommerce sales only includes results from Kate Spade; Wholesale & licensing revenue consists of Kate Spade wholesale sales; Other revenues consists of Adelington Design Group wholesale and licensing revenues and retail and wholesale sales of Juicy Couture, which was wound down in 2014; Kate Spade wholesale and ecommerce sales are estimated by eMarketer