As of Aug 4, 2018, the company operated 866 total stores including 360 Kmart stores, 482 full-line and 24 specialty Sears Domestic stores.

In 2017, 2016 and 2015, respectively, the company closed 303, 206 and 38 Kmart stores and 123, 37 and 12 stores Sears stores. During the first half of fiscal 2018, the company closed 72 Kmart stores and 65 Sears stores. An additional 9 stores in the Kmart segment and 31 stores in the Sears segment will close during 2018 that were announced for closure prior to the end of the first quarter of 2018.

At year-end, the company owned 307stores (48 Kmart, 259 Sears Domestic), and leased 695 stores (384 Kmart, 311 Sears Domestic).

Kmart stores are located across 49 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands and most are one-floor, free-standing units. Discount stores average 94,000 square feet and the 1 Super Center is 185,000 square feet. Sears Domestic Full-line stores are located across all 50 states and Puerto Rico and are primarily mall-based locations averaging 159,000 square feet.

Store growth-30.7%-29.9%-14.5%-3.1%-29.0%-4.7%
Total gross square feet (M)117,818127,993163,409187,846205,510236,459
Total gross square feet growth-20.8%-21.7%-13.0%-1.8%-13.1%-4.1%
Avg store gross sq ft136,049127,700114,300112,300119,10097,300
Avg store gross sq ft growth14.4%11.8%1.7%1.3%22.4%0.6%

Notes:Reflects spin-off of Orchard Supply Hardware, Sears Hometown and Outlet, Lands' End stores, and a majority interest in Sears Canada