Total revenues (MM)$2,088.0$3,796.0$4,310.0$4,633.0$4,796.0
Total revenue growth-45.0%-11.9%-7.0%-3.4%3.6%
Ecommerce sales (MM)$141.6$192.9$171.9$154.7$131.7
Ecommerce sales growth-26.6%12.2%11.1%17.5%24.8%
Ecommerce sales % of total revenue6.8%5.1%4.0%3.3%2.7%
Retail store sales (MM)$1,864.6$3,472.8$3,998.9$4,331.7$4,493.2
Retail store sales growth-46.3%-13.2%-7.7%-3.6%2.7%
Other revenues (MM)$81.8$130.3$139.2$146.6$171.1
Other revenue growth-37.2%-6.4%-5.1%-14.3%16.8%

Notes:Ecommerce sales are estimated by eMarketer, and includes online and catalog sales shipped directly to customers, as well as online orders picked up in store;

Other revenues includes credit revenues, commissions and licensed business revenues;

Sears Canada was de-consolidated from Sears Holdings in Q3 2014; reflects results through Oct 16, 2014