Closet, bath, travel & laundry21.0%21.0%21.0%20.0%20.0%
Storage, box & shelving14.0%14.0%13.0%13.0%13.0%
Kitchen, food storage & trash13.0%13.0%13.0%13.0%12.0%
Office, collections & hooks9.0%9.0%9.0%10.0%9.0%
Containers, gift packaging, seasonal & impulse % of total sales8.0%8.0%8.0%9.0%8.0%
Services & other3.0%3.0%2.0%2.0%1.0%

Notes:Elfa is The Container Store's wholly owned Swedish subsidiary, which designs and manufactures component-based shelving and drawer systems and made-to-measure sliding doors distributed solely on a wholesale basis.