Salaried employees164150142132N/A
Salaried employee growth9.3%5.6%7.6%N/AN/A
Salaried employees % of total employment3.1%2.9%3.0%3.0%N/A
Hourly employees5,1915,0214,5454,328N/A
Hourly employee growth3.4%10.5%5.0%N/AN/A
Hourly employees % of total employment96.9%97.1%97.0%97.0%N/A
Total employment5,3555,1714,6874,460N/A
Total employment growth3.6%10.3%5.1%N/AN/A

Notes:Each restaurant typically has a general manager, an assistant manager, 2 to 3 shift leaders and 2 team leaders, as well as between 15 and 35 team members