As of Oct 3, 2017, the company operated 52 stores, and franchisees operated 743 stores in the US and 71 stores internationally.

In fiscal 2016, the company closed 3 net locations and sold 1 location to a franchisee. During this period domestic franchisees opened 54 and closed 30 locations, and international franchisees opened 19 and closed 24 locations. In the first nine months of fiscal 2017, the company opened 35 and closed 31 locations, systemwide. Long-term, the company believes there is the potential for at least 2,700 stores in the US and 1,500 stores internationally.

All stores are leased, typically with initial lease terms of 5 to 15 years with 10-year extension options.

Traditional stores average approximately 1,000 to 1,200 square feet in size. These stores are located either in major urban centers or in suburban strip mall centers. A non-traditional location is characterized as a Jamba Juice store located within or in conjunction with another primary business, or at institutional settings, such as colleges, entertainment venues, shopping malls, transportation centers, supermarkets and airports. These venues require as little as 180 to 230 square feet, with remote storage space. At 2015 fiscal year-end, there were 599 traditional locations and 240 non-traditional locations.

Company-operated restaurants526670263268301
Company-operated restaurant growth-24.6%-5.7%-73.4%-1.9%-11.0%-2.0%
Franchised restaurants814843823605583508
Franchised restaurant growth-1.6%2.4%36.0%3.8%14.8%10.0%
Systemwide restaurants866909893868851809
Systemwide restaurant growth-3.3%1.8%2.9%2.0%5.2%5.2%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft1,2001,2001,2001,2001,2001,200
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth-0.4%-0.0%-2.4%-0.7%-2.3%-1.0%