Marketing efforts include public relations, affiliations with local and national sports teams and athletes, social media, a loyalty program, and joint promotional and marketing campaigns with other brands.

Total advertising spending (MM)$8.5$10.0$10.4$8.5$7.3
Total advertising spending growth-15.0%-3.8%22.4%16.4%-6.4%
Franchisee advertising contribution (MM)$7.5$6.1$4.8$3.1$2.8
Franchisee advertising contribution growth23.0%27.1%54.8%10.7%47.4%
Net advertising spending (MM)$1.0$3.9$5.6$5.4$4.5
Net advertising spending growth-74.4%-30.4%3.7%20.0%-23.7%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues0.6%1.8%2.4%2.4%2.0%