As of May 25, 2014 the company operated 679 locations in 44 states and Canada, and franchised 32 restaurants in 7 foreign countries.

During fiscal 2014, the company opened 5 new locations and closed 5 locations, and franchisees opened 6 and closed 2 locations. For 2014, the company plans to open 12 to 15 domestic Company-owned stores, including relocations and franchise acquisitions, and franchisees are expected to open 7 to 9 international locations.

At year end, the company owned 474 restaurants and leased 232 locations, including 172 owned building on leased land, 25 ground and building leases and 35 other leases. The company prefers to own its real estate, but will consider ground leases. Typical lease terms are for an initial term of 10 years with four 5-year renewal options.

Restaurants are typically located in prime regional locations, lifestyle and power centers, and average approximately 7,500 square feet, with 60 to 90 tables with seating for approximately 200 to 250 guests. New restaurants are approximately 5,900 square feet on 1.75 acres, with 125 parking spaces.

Company-operated restaurants706706705704698694
Company-operated restaurant growth0.1%0.1%0.1%0.9%0.6%0.6%
Systemwide restaurants706706705704698694
Systemwide restaurant growth0.1%0.1%0.1%0.9%0.6%0.6%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft7,5007,5007,5007,6007,6007,600
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth-0.3%-0.3%-0.2%-0.2%-0.1%-0.1%

Notes:Only includes company-operated restaurants; excludes restaurants operated by unaffiliated third parties under area development and franchise agreements