As of Jun 26, 2018, the company operated 450 Texas Roadhouse restaurants, 24 Bubba's 33 restaurants, and 2 Jaggers restaurants in 49 states, and there were 90 franchised Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

In fiscal 2017, the company opened 27 new restaurants, 4 of which were Bubba's 33 restaurants, and franchisees opened an additional 5 restaurants. The company opened 17 new companies, systemwide, during the first half of fiscal 2018. During fiscal 2018, the company expects to open approximately 30 company restaurants, including up to 7 Bubba's 33 restaurants.

At year-end, the company owned 140 properties and leased 322 properties. Operating leases typically have initial terms ranging from 10 to 15 years, and certain renewal options for one or more 5-year periods.

The current prototypical Texas Roadhouse restaurant consists of a freestanding building with approximately 7,100 to 7,500 square feet of space constructed on sites of approximately 1.7 to 2.0 acres or retail pad sites, with seating of approximately 58 to 68 tables for a total of 270 to 300 guests, including 18 bar seats, and parking for approximately 160 vehicles either on-site or in combination with some form of off-site cross parking arrangement. The current prototypical Bubba's 33 restaurant ranges in size between 7,100 and 7,600 square feet with seating for approximately 270 guest.

Company-operated restaurants469462431401372346
Company-operated restaurant growth6.3%7.2%7.5%7.8%7.5%8.1%
Franchised restaurants898786827974
Franchised restaurant growth6.0%1.2%4.9%3.8%6.8%2.8%
Systemwide restaurants558549517483451420
Systemwide restaurant growth6.3%6.2%7.0%7.1%7.4%7.1%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft6,9006,9006,9006,9006,8006,800
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth0.4%0.4%0.3%0.4%0.4%0.4%