As of Jan 29, 2017, the company operated 90 locations in 30 states and 2 location in Canada.

During fiscal 2016, the company opened 11 new locations. The company plans on opening 11 to 12 new stores in fiscal 2017. Long-term, Dave & Buster's plans on targeting approximately 10% annual store count growth and believes the company can eventually reach in excess of 211 locations in North America.

At year end, the company leased the land or the building for all locations, with lease terms including renewal options generally ranging from 20 to 40 years. Leases are generally "net leases," typically providing for minimum annual rent plus contingent rent based on a store's annual gross revenues.

Locations range in size from 16,000 to 66,000 square feet and average approximately 43,000 square feet. There are two prototypes, which can be freestanding or in-line, with 300 to 400 parking spaces, and can be new construction or conversions: new large format stores, of which there are 77 at year end, are approximately 30,000 to 45,000 square feet, and small format stores, of which there are 19 at year end, are approximately 25,000 to 30,000 square feet.

Company-operated restaurants929281736661
Company-operated restaurant growth13.6%13.6%11.0%10.6%8.2%5.2%
Systemwide restaurants929281736661
Systemwide restaurant growth13.6%13.6%11.0%10.6%8.2%5.2%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft42,60042,60043,50044,40046,20046,800
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth-2.0%-2.0%-2.1%-3.8%-1.3%-1.9%