Salaried employees1,3171,1431,020909827
Salaried employee growth15.2%12.1%12.2%9.9%2.4%
Salaried employees % of total employment8.9%8.2%8.2%8.3%8.4%
Hourly employees13,52312,84011,47510,0219,037
Hourly employee growth5.3%11.9%14.5%10.9%18.9%
Hourly employees % of total employment91.1%91.8%91.8%91.7%91.6%
Total employment14,84013,98312,49510,9309,864
Total employment growth6.1%11.9%14.3%10.8%17.3%

Notes:A typical store team consists of a general manager supported by an average of 9 additional management positions, with approximately 137 hourly employees, many of whom work part time.