As of Apr 17, 2017, the company operated 211 restaurants and franchised 3 restaurants in 20 states.

During fiscal 2016, the company opened 38 new restaurants, and expects to open 38 to 40 new restaurants in 2017. The company opened 10 restaurants in the first quarter of fiscal 2017. Long-term, the company expects to double the restaurant base in the next 4 years and believes there is further potential to successfully operate over 1,600 units.

All restaurants are leased. Initial lease terms are generally 10 years, and include the option to renew for two or more additional 5-year terms at increased rates.

Restaurants vary in format, including in-line, end-cap and free standing restaurants located in markets of varying sizes, and average approximately 2,750 square feet. The dining area of a typical restaurant can seat approximately 80 people, with patios that seat approximately 30 people.

Company-operated restaurants2112041631299467
Company-operated restaurant growth21.3%25.2%26.4%37.2%40.3%39.6%
Franchised restaurants333388
Franchised restaurant growth0.0%0.0%0.0%-62.5%0.0%-11.1%
Systemwide restaurants21420716613210275
Systemwide restaurant growth20.9%24.7%25.8%29.4%36.0%31.6%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft2,8002,8002,8002,8002,8002,800
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%