Salaried employees28021819910868
Salaried employee growth28.4%9.5%84.3%58.8%7.9%
Salaried employees % of total employment14.2%14.7%13.9%18.5%15.6%
Hourly employees1,6901,2671,232475367
Hourly employee growth33.4%2.8%159.4%29.4%8.9%
Hourly employees % of total employment85.8%85.3%86.1%81.5%84.4%
Total employment1,9701,4851,431583435
Total employment growth32.7%3.8%145.5%34.0%8.8%

Notes:Each restaurant employs a general manager, one to two assistant managers and approximately 15 to 25 employees, most of whom work part-time during three shifts